Royal Storms

The Imperial Palace
Previously: The House of Argus

If there was anyone in Outworld not worried about the upcoming Tournament, it was the Emperor's daughters.

The twin princesses, Kitana and Mileena, had already won more tournaments for their father than they could count. Kitana had personally led numerous sieges of multiple realms and was a renowned military commander.

Mileena...not so much.

The House of Argus

Summer Palace doubling as the Argus Estate

If you'd ask Delia just a few centuries earlier that she'd be here, in this house, with her late husband's bastard son, she would've laughed in your face before setting you on fire.

The Argus in estate was the envy of the city. It was by far the largest residence, with the most resplendent gardens in all of Lei Chen. That last part was Rain's idea.

The Sorcerer's Ward

Previously: Nine Generations

Bangkok, Thailand

To be fair, it had been the perfect day.

They met at a coffee house; as always, Tanya was the one who got approached. After stalking her prey from the shadows and learning his habits, it took only one moment in the light for him to come to her.

Prologue: Nine Generations

Raiden's Temple

Previously: Dramatis Personae

There was no point in trying to gauge the day or the hour at Raiden's temple. The light came and left when it willed, and there were often lightning storms for no other reason than it pleased the thunder god.

Liu Kang had no idea the size of the temple, nor how or where one even entered. Some days, he figured there were dozens of stories floating in space, or wherever Raiden's realm lay. Other days, he knew in his heart there were hundreds of floors.

The Tournament

I had to sit through Mortal Kombat (2021) yet AGAIN and rework my dreamcast, but I think I've got something going here. I might have to watch Striking Vipers the 1995 version again as a palate cleanser, but at least the inspiration is flowing.