The Tournament

I had to sit through Mortal Kombat (2021) yet AGAIN and rework my dreamcast, but I think I've got something going here. I might have to watch Striking Vipers the 1995 version again as a palate cleanser, but at least the inspiration is flowing.


Rick Yune as Raiden

Karl Yune as Fujin

Harry Shum Jr. as Liu Kang

Brandon Soo Hoo as Kung Lao

Ludi Lin as Feng (original)

Arden Cho as Gureum (original)


Nia Dennis as Tanya

Booboo Stewart as Rain

Danusia Francis as Jade

Gabby Douglas as Qali

Kyla Ross as Kitana

Kyla Ross as Mileena

Chai Hansen as Sub-Zero

Aliya Mustafina as Skarlet


Simone Biles as Jataaka

Lewis Tan as Scorpion