Mortal Kombat (2021) and the Whining about "Woke Garbage"

I can't believe I'm back, risking my blood pressure, writing about this nonsense. I thought I left it behind me on my old blogs eons ago, and I am.

So after the latest movie dropped, I naturally went on Youtube to hear what people thought. I started with my usual gamer channels, but quickly had to stop when I realized just how hard they were willing to shill for this piece of shit.

I then moved on to the lesser known channels and while I did find the honesty I was looking for, I came across a particularly undying brand of bullshit. Out of all the things there were horribly wrong with this film, some people were complaining about "race-swapping" and "woke garbage". I rolled my eyes even harder than when I was listening to the shills.

The Chosen One

Previously: Mother Dearest

City of Nekros, Netherrealm
House of Lady Jataaka

Jataaka knelt before the giant bronze room in her bedchamber, combing her long black hair. She found it strange; ever since Quan Chi had helped her regain her humanoid form, her hair had been white. For centuries, it had been blinding white, yet now that she'd weened herself off his "medicines", Jataaka found she had more control over her appearance than ever.

She now appeared as beautiful as any Edenian, with a slenderly delicate body and flawless dark brown skin.

Mother Dearest

Previously: Strange Bedfellows

Empress Sindel arrived on Shang Tsung's island around dusk. She had a relatively small company with her: Lady Nitara, six handmaidens, and fifty personal guards. They were all for show, of course; not even Shang Tsung was stupid enough to make an attempt on the Empress's life.

When she arrived in the sorcerer's garden through the portal he provided, the Empress gasped in shock. She'd heard he built palaces upon this island, but she never visited before. Sindel always preferred to keep Shang Tsung at maximum safe distance, but now she was reconsidering that policy.

Strange BedFellows

Previously: Past Sins

Temple of Raiden

The thunder god had been watching the cousins for days.

Both continued to excel in the physical arts; they sparred daily with other warriors at the temple and were easily Raiden's two best fighters. But the Great Tournament was more about the spirit than anything else, and both men's spirits were troubled.

Furious at the loss of his older brother, Kung Jin's mind was blocked from unlocking his arcana. Guilty at the loss of his cousin, Liu Kang - who had long unlocked his arcana - now doubted his worth. He tried to watch over his younger cousin from a respectful distance, while Raiden watched over them both with growing concern.

Past Sins

When the Empress didn't come to join him for the midday meal, Shao Kahn went to her chambers, where he found her and several of her maids packing. When he arrived, they stopped what they were doing and all bowed low.

"You're leaving?" he asked, looking around himself in a daze. She'd never done anything like this before.

"Out," the Empress commanded the servants, and they happily obliged. She turned back to her husband. "I've received word from Shang Tsung," she told him, her dark eyes looking troubled. "I need to see Mileena."

The Emperor visibly stiffened, but only slightly. "How is our daughter?"

Sindel was still emotional from Nitara's performance when she admitted, "Not well."

Secret of the Empress

Previously: Tanya

Empress Sindel had long accepted that Outworld would never live up to her standards.

The walls of her husband's palace were too old, so much it was nigh impossible to distinguish them from dust. The weavers and tailors had rudimentary tastes, and lacked skill with fabrics like silk, satin, and muslin.

Her one comfort was her wealth and her slaves. Sindel had lots of slaves, more than she could count. She had a Shokan warrior princess as her personal protector. She had an army of girls and women from Outworld who cleaned her chambers, polished her armor, and washed her clothes. They filled her large stone bath with hot water, rubbed oil into her aching muscles, combed and braided her long hair. They dressed her in her revealing gowns and placed ornaments in her hair. They served her creature comforts whenever she wished - dates coated in sugar, figs and plums from Shang Tsung's island, apples and wine from Lei Chen.

They did what they could with what they had, and some days, it was enough.