The Dragon Caller

Fun fact: I am old.

I remember when the first Mortal Kombat game dropped and I was a huge fan from the beginning. Don't even get me started on the movie (I only acknowledge the first one). I had originally started out obsessing over Street Fighter II, but I always felt something was missing. Then MK came along and revealed to me all blood, impaling, beheading, immolation, and demons from another world that I needed in my life.

When Jade was introduced, I was thrilled to see a Black woman in my favorite game. I thought she was pretty, I thought she was graceful, and I liked that she wielded a staff. While I initially favored Queen SindelPrincess Kitana and her clone Mileena (I mean, hello), Jade was the first character that I was genuinely interested in. I wanted to know all about her, aside for her constant characterization as Kitana's "loyal friend".

But was it the introduction of Tanya (pictured right) that propelled my interest into full-blown obsession. Because while Jade was beautiful, loyal, honorable and whatnot, Tanya revealed to me that I needed a Black villainess in my life.

So long story short, I created this blog in her honor.

To be clear, this is a Mortal Kombat fanfiction blog. Tanya may the focus of a story, or she may not be. I do not own these characters nor the universe they inhabit, and I do not own the music highlighted here.

That all I being said, I most certainly do own the creativity behind this blog. These might not be my characters but these are most definitely my stories. They mean a lot to me, and a lot love, careful thought, and hard work when into them.

So without any further ado...enjoy.

(Quick Trivia: The name "Dragon Caller" is derived from Tanya's Armageddon ending)